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Film Categories:

Category for all those receiving formal media training or education at any level. Graduate and Non-traditional students are not included in this category.

Short Live Action
Inclusive of both fiction and non-fiction works.

Short Animation
Although characteristically a visual exercise, our judges will be ranking according to a story-driven criteria.

MISSION & OBJECTIVE provides veteran and novice filmmakers with the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional setting. We hope to create a nexus for filmmakers to meet and discuss their passions for the craft and cinema as a whole. Our exhibition features only story-driven work, with primary focus on plot, character, and development. We acknowledge that many filmmakers do not have access to industry-standard equipment and software, and therefore, films will not be judged by aesthetics alone.

Our over-arching mission is to promote vibrant new talent in both film and music, celebrate independent thought, and to reflect on the simple wonder in that.

Opportunities to collaborate with “Flashbulb Entertainment,” and other production entities will be available throughout the festival. Passes will be allotted to those who earn acceptance.

Finally, although not all films will be accepted into the main showcase, a portion of every submitted film will be cut and screened out of competition for your exposure. As filmmakers ourselves, we have experienced both the heartbreak and elation that are inherent in the process. Rest assured, your film will be seen here.

Brian Ivie (Festival Registrar)
Colby Nordberg (Webmaster)
Tavis Robertson (Promoter)
Will Tober (Producer)


Best of Fest Award
Film will be showcased on It will also screen at the premiere summer feature for industry professionals. An engraved trophy will be presented at closing ceremonies. All of our sponsors will contribute to this prize.
This prize is shared with other categories.

1st Place
An engraved trophy will be presented at closing ceremonies. Our sponsors will also be awarding cash and credit benefits.

Special Jury Award
An engraved trophy will be presented at closing ceremonies. Our sponsors will also be awarding cash and credit benefits.


Shorts: From 2 minutes to 30 minutes

Projects which have a completion date after 01-Jan-2008

Projects may come from any location globally
Projects may already have distribution

Before submitting, contact
Message subject: Film Stories Fest Submission. if approved:

Send (1) DVD screener, plus cash or check entrance fee to:

Label your DVD screener with the tracking ID number we assign to you. You will be notified if you are admitted into the competition category by May 15, 2010.


Student Submissions are free.

By May 10th, 2010 $40.00
Acceptance numbers into the competition category will be based on applicant pool.


Our judge is an award-winning filmmaker who grew up in San Clemente, California. His debut was shot predominately at San Clemente, and went on to win a prize at Sundance Film Festival.

Chase Chandler
Imagine a principle trumpet artist for the Orange County Pacific Symphony playing alt rock guitar at your next camp fire and you begin to understand words like ‘diverse’ that define Chase Chandler’s musical style. Like the right pair of sandals that just ‘fit’ so well – Chase applies his technical and classically trained musical knowledge in a way that always just seems to ‘sound great’. Performing in diverse venues throughout Orange County, his soulful trumpet to bluesy alt guitar rhythms and piano ballads play and tell stories about love and life, past and present, with a technical musical style applied in a simple, quirky way that feels ‘right’.
Timmy Pico
Timmy Pico is a talented singer-songwriter from South Orange County. He writes about love gained, love lost, and life’s winning moments. After getting his start in 2010, Timmy has already played shows at the Roxy and Key Club, braving the same stages as The Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and many more. Influenced by John Mayer, Rob Thomas, and Jason Mraz, Timmy is already capturing the hearts of his ever-growing fan base. This up-and-comer is ready to make his own mark in the music industry, one chord at a time.

Rubidium Wu is a leading, independent film company based in Bronx, New York with offices in California and Atlanta.  The production company is led by award winning director, Rubidium Wu.  The Crimson Engine website features documentaries film streaming, indie films and a guide to the best lens rentals online.

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